Wolf Mountain

All his life, Kari has been treated worse than dirt. Unloved and neglected, Kari is blamed for every ill to befall his village, cursed and ignored even by the ones who should love him. He is ueskilegt. Unwanted. Cursed.

Until strangers come to Palrunstadr, nestled in the icy mountain forests of the South, and Kari catches a glimpse of a different future, one in which he could be respected, and wanted.

As the Jarl’s soldiers wage war against the wolvenkind of the mountain, Kari must find his place, navigating the dangers of a wolfpack and the attention of their charismatic Alpha.

Status: Incomplete
Length: 27k (of 70k)
Rating: Mature (15+)
Content Warnings: child abuse, violence, fantasy slurs, adult language, sexual content
Tags: fantasy, adventure, gay romance, fantasy!vikings, werewolves, pack dynamics, omegaverse, polyamory, everyone is bi, male protagonist, third person POV, present tense
Copyright status: This story and all characters in their entirety belong to Tanu Mathews. Any resemblance to persons real or fictional is purely accidental. Do not republish without the author’s consent, with the exception of short excerpts for the purposes of a review.

This work is also being published to Wattpad. Any other instances of this work are unauthorised. That means stolen. Please alert the author if you find this work anywhere else.

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Wolf Mountain: Omega’s Discovery

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