Wolf Mountain

Ueskilegt. Unwanted. All his life Kari has been treated like a curse and a burden. But when his village is attacked by wolves and bandits, Kari finds out he is much, much more.

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Serial Fiction: How To Eat An Elephant

Serial Fiction is like chili — you either love it or you hate it. And if the idea of a long-form serial that takes a year or more to publish makes your face screw up in disgust, I’m certainly not going to be able to change your mind.

From a creator’s point of view, however, serial fiction can be a lot of fun. Progressive feedback, contact with your audience, encouragement when you’re facing blocks and fear of failure–all of that can make the process of writing a novel far less daunting.

Plus, this particular serial fiction? Is free.

Absolutely free from now until it’s complete. Eventually it may turn into a book for sale, at which point the free version might come down. But don’t worry, you’ll get your ending. I’m not about to shove it behind a paywall. I’m not that kind of jerk.

If you want to support the serial as it runs, feel free. You’re not obliged to do so. If you’d rather support through a comment, that’s fine. That’s great, in fact. Let me know what you think, for better or for worse.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get down to business…

Wolf Mountain

All his life, Kari has been treated worse than dirt. Unloved and neglected, Kari is blamed for every ill to befall his village, cursed and ignored even by the ones who should love him. He is ueskilegt. Unwanted. Cursed.

Until strangers come to Palrunstadr, nestled in the icy mountain forests of the South, and Kari catches a glimpse of a different future, one in which he could be respected, and wanted.

As the Jarl’s soldiers wage war against the wolvenkind of the mountain, Kari must find his place, navigating the dangers of a wolfpack and the attention of their charismatic Alpha.

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